Are You Ready to Build Your On Target Lifestyle?
Join the Deliciously Fun 8 Week Group Coaching Program
Join Kristen Johnson Brogan and your fellow On Target Tribe
for an 8 week group coaching adventure!
A coaching program to create your best self through food and eating without giving up the things that make you happy. 

Along these 8 weeks, I will help you to understand that in order to lose weight, get off your medications, have more energy, live happier, you don’t have to give up anything—in fact—you can have so much more! 

You've started on your journey with On Target it's time to go deeper and complete your transformation.
What You'll Experience Over 8 Weeks...
Week 1: Living For Your Lifestyle
  • The magic power of 80/20 Eating: the secret to getting healthy and eating fun foods too
  • Enjoy your social life and make progress...learn how to handle weekends, parties, etc
  • Experience a 'life in the day' of a superfood chef and dietitian as I pull back the curtains on how I live
Week 2: Shopping Made Simple
  • Never be at a loss when you ask, "What's for dinner?"
  • Two week food plan with video training
  • How to use the Target to Table Cookbook to create mouthwatering meals you crave
Week 3: Mastering Your Meals
  • Learn the secrets to upgrade any meal...even pizza, burgers or other 'guilty pleasures'
  • Create kitchen confidence and learn how to love cooking
  • Master food: learn how to combo proteins, carbs, and fat to transform your body
Week 4: Boring to Bomb'ass Breakfast
  • Have the best on your block breakfasts! This week is all about starting your day right!
  • Are you into sweet? Savory? Need something super fast....we'll cover all the best options
  • Learn the simple steps to smash bland boring breakfasts in the face with these pro tricks
Week 5: Lunches You'll Love
  • Fast and furious lunch combos you (and your family) will love 
  • Think outside the box to find food you didn't even know existed that will make you say...Heck Yeah, Lunch rules!
  • Step by step breakdown on the ultimate brown bag lunch plus multiple cooking videos
Week 6: Date With Dinner
  • Master the three most miss cooked foods in America: Chicken, Fish, and Veggies...after this week you might even pat yourself on the back
  • The anatomy of an irresistible dinner that delivers super nutrition (hint: steak is key)
  • Finally dispel the mystery behind making healthy and delicious meals using my proven process
Week 7: Sips, Snacks, Sides, & Desserts
  • Snacks so good you'll be fighting your friends, co-workers, and kids off
  • Our beverages are a big part of the puzzle, you'll discover my top 4 ultimate drinks to max you health and feel amazing (guess messy juicing required)
  • Desserts? Heck yeah! Life is too short to not have sweet treats but that doesn't mean you need to destroy your body in process...Let me prove to you how good food can taste
Week 8: Superpower Superfoods + Unlocking Potential
  • Understanding the 3 major superfoods you need to be taking 
  • Step by step guide on how to get more superfood into your day
  • Putting it all together...locking in your learning to create your lifelong lifestyle
Program Runs June 26-August 25th and is Self-Guided
  • 8 Weeks of Video Lessons with Weekly Challenges/Themes
  • Target To Table Cookbook with Over 100 Healthy & Delicious Recipes 
  •  Dietitian approved two week meal plan
  •  Educational Cooking Videos
  •  Exclusive Resources & Handouts
  •  A Sustainable Lifestyle Plan To Help You Lose Weight, Get Off Your Medications, Fix Your Issues, Have More Energy & Live Happier
  •  A “Tribe” of Supporters to Encourage and Motivate You
  •  Live Friday calls, 24/7 Email Access
  •  Lots of fun and flavor!
  •  This is NOT a diet, it's a Lifestyle Course to build your On Target Lifestyle
Once you sign up, I will send you everything you need to know to get started along with a special link for you to view each week's modules. 

The program is designed for you to go at your own pace at your own time. 

The coaching modules will be posted one week at a time so you can pace yourself accordingly. 

The live Friday calls will give you an opportunity to ask questions and connect with your new tribe. 

I will host the calls and will center them around a weekly theme. All you have to do is sign up and I will take it from there!