Introducing a Turn-Key Solution For Firms, Wholesalers, and Advisors to Grow in 2017
The OTL Client Captivation Program
A New Key Household Acquisition Strategy For Firms and Wholesalers

In 2017 Acquiring New Key Households 
Will Only Get Harder....
In a increasingly regulated, commoditized market, with highly competitive programs and platforms, FA’s need evolving strategies to grow by acquiring new clients. Client events are a proven method to fill a room with potential clients but also have FOUR significant issues… 
The 4 Issues Holding You Back From Wildly Successful Client Events
First Issue
Getting the Right People In the Room
  • Events are only as good as the Quality of Prospects who attend 
  • Getting qualified prospects to attend means a 'strong' attraction factor
  • Most client events depend on entertainment or education (celebrities or authors) to draw in clients and prospects
  • Most speakers for client events lack of dynamic and compelling marketing...which makes the firm and FAs work extra hard to attract the right people to the event
  • The problem: prospects can get all the entertainment and education they want from Netflix or the nightly news
  • The solution: invite them to a transformational experience...a live event that entertains and educates but more importantly creates authentic change in a prospects event that 'sells itself' to the right prospects with highly targeted marketing materials.
Second Issue
Knowing The BEST Use of Time & Money
  • 4 weeks after an event is the prospect or client thinking about the firm, wholesaler, or FA that sponsored an event? Are they thinking about the event at all? 
  • Failure to connect the Firm, FA, and Event together for prospects and clients is an all too common issue that results in lost opportunities and lowered ROI
  • The problem: people are busier than ever...with decreased attention spans and constant demands...which means your client event has to connect in a powerful way...but what's the BEST way? Are client events more effective than spending time and money on social media or direct mailings?
  • The solution: a wildly successful client event cements the firm, the FA, and the experience in a prospects mind for weeks and months after they media and direct mailing can grab attention for a few minutes...but done properly an event can make a long term impression.
Third Issue
Not Enough
Follow Through
  • Follow up isn't good enough...FA's need Follow Through to fully leverage the client event 
  • Follow up is making a call or two post event to try for an appointment....follow through is having meaningful, ongoing connections that build relationship and trust with the FA
  • The problem: FAs are busy sourcing new leads, servicing clients, and struggling to manage their many priorities...follow up happens but longer term, more consistent follow through doesn't...which means less growth for the Firm
  • The solution: make follow through easy, automatic, and giving FAs a reason to keep reaching out, topics to discuss, a schedule to trigger follow through and templates to use for reach outs.
Fourth Issue
Demonstrating ROI Over Time
  • Measuring ROI for client events can prove challenging. There is tremendous pressure on the sponsor to see immediate returns...yet most client acquisition happens over time...with sustained follow up and follow through on building relationship, demonstrating value, and becoming a trusted advisor. 
  • For existing clients, especially high net worth clients, there is also opportunity to deepen share of wallet and ensure the FA is helping to protect the client relationships
  • The problem: a traditional client event forces an artificially short ROI window because it lacks structured follow through over weeks and months
  • The solution: utilize a program instead of an event to demonstrate client value over time with systematic follow through.
We developed the OTL Client Captivation Program to solve these four problems.
Step ONE
Fill The Room (with the right prospects)
  • Provide FAs with compelling material to 'pre-sell' attendance and finally answer the client question..."why should I come?"
  • Custom built landing pages with dynamic audio and video content to promote and showcase your event (see an example here).
  • Any pre-sell marketing material are customized for the firm and tailored to connect with specific target audiences.
  • The result: a client event that creates buzz, curiosity, and interest linked to the firm, the FA, and designed to get the right people in the room.
  • See an example of a Client Captivation Landing Page HERE
Step TWO
Prepare The FA (for confident conversations)
  • A pre-training event for FAs on the day of the event (or virtually up to 2 months prior) to ensure the FAs are excited and knowledgable on the topics presented
  • FAs pre-event preparation ensures they know the content and subject matter…not as experts but enough to follow up and carry on a conversation about the event
  • The problem: FAs aren't equipped with the training and resources to have meaningful follow up conversations with attendees...which decreases post event connect points
  • The solution: take FAs through a pre-training event (virtual or live) that is fun, informative, and equips them with the framework to follow up more effectively and engage in confident conversations that kill call reluctance
Captivate The Client (with a powerful live event)
  • A transformational live event designed to engage and stimulate a broad range of audiences...ideally targeted for men and women between 40-65, successful professionals, who are interested in having more focus, energy, health, vitality, and passion in their daily lives
  • The On Target Living Live Experience is consistently ranked 9, 9.2, 9.5, and even 9.6 out of 10 within financial services and in other professional industry settings (corporate training events, keynotes, leadership development, and elite performance training)
  • The problem: people crave authentic, interesting, and relevant experiences that they can apply to their life and see immediate improvement in how they think, feel, and live
  • The solution: a client event that over-delivers and creates lasting impact that will have attendees talking about their experience for weeks and months afterwards
  • See clips from past live events HERE
Cultivate The Client (with FA follow through)
  • 4 weeks after an event is the prospect or client thinking about the firm, wholesaler, or FA that sponsored an event? Are they thinking about the event at all? 
  • The Client Captivation Program is built to ensure your FAs follow through on their follow up by making it as easy as possible to engage with attendees post-event. We accomplish this using a variety of tools and resources including a suggested reach-out schedule with talking points, resources (pdf guides), and copy-and-paste follow up email templates.
  • The problem: with constant distractions and other demands follow through on 'following up' doesn't happen with enough focus and consistency to demonstrate value, deepen relationships, and establish the trust necessary to covert a prospect into a client.
  • The solution: a follow through system designed to make it easy for the FA to send an email, pick up the phone, schedule an appointment, and deepen relationships using relevant messages and timely topics...which can dramatically increase ROI in the 3 to 5 months post event. 
  • The 'FA Follow Through System' consists of THREE components: 1) 6 Follow Up and Follow Through Copy & Paste Email Templates 2) A 90 Day Follow Up Schedule 3) Talking points and free reports for prospects
Frequently Asked Questions
What's the right number of seats?
Typically, the biggest complaint we've heard from FA's is....

I wish I would've gotten more clients here.

We can comfortably address any audience size, from an intimate gathering of 40 to a full house filled with 400 clients and prospects.

Our with our coordinator team to land on the right number and we can work together to fill the room with the right people. But generally we will recommend you finding the number to generate a significant ROI for your program.
Do we help FAs with closing clients?
The client captivation program is designed to do four things:

1. Help you fill the room with the right people.

2. Prep the FA to be confident and knowledgeable about the event.

3. Deliver a transformational experience for clients and prospects that they remember.

4. Provide the FA with all the tools and structure needed to make follow through happen by making it easy to reach out and connect.

We recognize most firms or wholesalers have practice management resources to help FAs who need additional support with closing or other sales process.

We do provide ongoing support and more resources if an FA needs help with something specific to our content.
What makes this program different?
The market is saturated with good speakers who can deliver a solid client event.

Generals, politicians, former sport stars, and other subject matter experts are easy to find and book.

In every case you are purchasing an hour or two of their time.

That's it.

Which is why we are different.

We help you on the front end with marketing, we help you prep your FAs, we rock your clients world, and finally give FAs a follow through system to make meaningful contact with prospects.

The client captivation program is the only turnkey solution designed to make an investment in a client event deliver profitable ROI.
Why all the focus on Follow Through & Follow Up?
Based on the science behind selling it's well established that sustained follow up is a key differentiator for top performers.

Different studies carried out at different times, in different places, by different market research companies over a number of years reveal that 80% of non-routine sales occur only after at least five follow-ups.

Think about that. It takes at least five continuous follow up efforts after the initial sales contact, before a customer says yes. 


There are some fascinating statistics on this:

44% of sales people give up after one "no"
22% give up after two "nos"
14% give up after three "nos"
12% give up after four "nos"

That tells you that 92% of sales people give up after four "no's", and only 8% cent of sales people reach out a fifth time.

When you consider that 80% of prospects say "no" four times before they say "yes", the inference is that 8% of sales people are getting 80% of the sales.
Past Client Experiences
"Following our event, I had people calling, texting and emailing how great
the event was and that On Target living blew the doors off the place."

Brian Shambo
-Financial Advisor Merrill Lynch

"I recommended Chris speak at a client event
for two of my top financial advisors

After several other
presentations, Chris finally took the stage. The crowd of 200 was restless at that point, but 3 minutes into Chris' presentation you could
have heard a pin drop

They were captivated. 

And one hour later, they still wanted to hear more from Chris. He shared easy, practical ideas for living a healthier, more vibrant life."

Michelle Tidey

-RVP Jackson

"I have been fortunate to have Matt out in front of my clients on three separate occasions and he has always exceeded expectations. 

The client feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and the crowd that gathers around Matt for cod liver oil shots and questions after each event never ceases to amaze me

The On Target Living program has been a great relationship builder for me and I look forward to working with Matt, and the On Target Living Team, in the future."

Adam Liebestritt

-RVP IVY Funds Distributors Inc.

Our "9.0" Promise

At On Target Living we believe in delivering on our promises and providing overwhelming value for our services.

Which is why we can confidently offer our
"9.0 Promise" to sponsoring Firms and Wholesalers.

If we fail to deliver anything other than a 9 or above at your live event we will return 50% of our program fee.

You'll still have access to our follow through system, FA support, and will have benefited from all the initial work.

But if we fail to rock the event and create a memorable experience for your attendees that truly distinguishes you and the FA in their mind then we'll give you half your investment back.

Call or Email Us to Discuss Your Event, Schedule, and Pricing
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